I want to start with saying thank you for the invitation and giving me the honour to judge in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS FOR DUTCH SHEPHERD 2015 in Falkenberg.

My profession has been training working dogs in the Swedish Armed Forces since 1988.

I have been competing more than 20 times in the National Championships, The Nordic Championships and I also competed 5 times at the World Championships FCI/FMBB.

The breeds I have been competing with are German Shepherds, Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

My big ”hobbie” has been educating handlers and training competition dogs and I also have been a helper in the IPO since the end of the nineties.

I would like to end my presentation by wishing all the competitors good luck at the championship.

See you all in Falkenberg !


Judge C

Fredrik Steen








Chief Judge

Reserve Judge

Jan Ahlqvist

My name is Jan Ahlqvist.

I want to thank you for inviting me to be Chief Judge, at the 2015 WDSF IPO World Championship.

I have trained and competed several dogs in IPO.

I have been judging a lot of differentl IPO-Competitions and also the Swedish IPO Championship.


I whish all compeditors good luck and I will be seeing you in Falkenberg !


Judge A

Micke Pounu

Judge B

Hans Grimmeviken

Hans Grimmeviken is 65 years old and has participated, competed and trained dogs for 30 years. He has competed a number of times in the Swedish Championship and his highlight was participating at the World German Shepherd Championship in 2005. He has been a judge for several local IPO competitions and the Swedish IPO Championship.

“I want to thank you for inviting me to judge the 2015 WDSF Championship.

I wish all the competitors Good Luck and I hope to see you all in Falkenberg !”


I have trained and competed with more than 25 dogs in different classes and at varying levels.

Among other things, I participated in the WUSV-WM 1999.


- Became IPO judge in 1998 and has judged a large amount of Swedish championships, and championships and trials in other countries.

- Became certified as SV-richter in 2011.

- Helper since 1996.

- Worked for five years as a teacher / instructor in protection work at The Swedish National Bureau of Investigation´s Dog Unit.

- Breeder of German Shepherd Dog since 1993

- FCI show judge and "Kürmeister" for German Sheperd dog.


I wish all the competitors good luck at the championship !