Judges Dinner

Lars Czylwik

Bibbi Fällman (+1)

Micke Pounu

Fredrik Steen

Hans Grimmeviken

Giesela Grimmeviken

Helga Groen

Caroline Pauwels

Davy Reynvoet

Jack Stienstra

Klaas Stienstra

Jose Stienstra

Rika Kloosterman

Peder Hajar

Fredrik Bagge

Lars Brink

Lilian Brink

A Nickoleit

Kristoffer Ullerud

Marianne Ullerud

Tommy Andersson

Eleonor Sjögren

B. Nickoleit

Sigrid Schmidt

Satu Harmaala

Birgit Lemke

Eva Glimmerdahl

Christoffer Norberg

Anders Möller

Gunnel Möller

Heiko Behrendt

Maik Taeger

David R Almerge +1

Isabelle vieiros cornejo

Italy 2

Paola Bellei

Lennart Karlsson

Maria Ortega Montoliu

Lena Hallkvist

Willy Gerkes

Ruud Peters

Marielle Czylwik

Sabine Sommerer

Werner Ulrich

Thilo Böck

Johan Pelsma

Helle Poulsen (+2)

Hans Hansen

Line Strøger

Mikael Hansen

Gert Hellström

Agneta Persson

Petra Stellmacher

Martin Sikander

Zandra Hamrén

Marion Fluri (+ 2)

Bruno Fluri

Tanja Ell

Bernd Föry

Linda Karlslind

Daniela Lasta

Günther Burkhart

Lisa Rutström

Marie Klevestav Fält

Magnus Englund

Maria Johansson

Franz Herdy

Thomas Karlsson

Andrea Manthey

Tonny Ottevanger

Emelie Engberg

Tomas Bergqvist

Armin Frauenknecht

Johanna Frauenknecht

Roger Eriksson

Ann Högström

Stina Wahlström

Matts Dahlen

Melinda Fekken-Kleijn

Juroen Fekken

Michel Verlaan

Madlen Keller

Denny Martinsson

Lotta Olsson

Jan Ahlqvist

Mattias Eriksson

Venke Chylwik

Ronny Nilsen

Inga-Lill Badh

Svein E Jacobsen

Kalle Heinola

Paola Bellei

Sofia Kindberg

Annicka Fallqvist

Åsa Liderfors

Zandra Landegren

Bibbi Hägglund

Nyyti Halme

Patrik Sturk

Anita Friis Damsgaard

Majbritt Sörensen

Joakim Bengtsson

Susanne Ungh

Lina Hultman

Rene Uther

Annica Ahlberg

Annouska Pelsma

Ron v Hal

Josephine Sturesson

Matthias Gullstrand

Jonas Moisalal +2

Katri Moisala

Satu Juurikka














It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the WDSF Banquet & Judges Dinner at Restaurant Hertigen, in most people's opinion, the finest restaurant in Falkenberg.

Fantastic environment and big spaces next to the salmon fishing rivers in Atran


The banquet will be held Saturday 2 may at 19.00.

The cost is only SEK 200 per person, which includes a glass of beer or wine to dinner !!!

All your friends & family are welcome also !


We will have our very own troubadour and DJ - Fredrik Bagge who entertains us all night long !

Let's rock together!


Participation at the banquet must be pre-notified !

Last chance for registration is April 29.


We hope for a fantastic evening together!


Salmon in Falkenberg


The salmon fishing history in Falkenberg reaches far back in time. Sport fishing began in the mid-1800s, when wealthy Britons and Americans came to Falkenberg to fish for salmon. A famous attorney from London, WM Wilkinson wrote in 1884 a book where he writes: "Such fishing can not be seen at any other river that I heard of, neither in Norway or Canada."


Atran is the classic salmon Water on the Swedish west coast and today deliver Sweden's finest Wild Salmon. Atran with its tributary Högvadsån has a genuine salmon stock that is worth protecting. It is virtually unaffected by modern society's impact. Thanks to extensive fishing and water conservation Atran succeeded to keep the original wild salmon.

1. Starter


2. Grilled salmon with herb sauce and asparagus

One glass of wine or beer


3. Coffee & cake



Are you allergic to or are intolerant to eat salmon - contact us as soon as possible!

We want to party with WDSF !

SEK 200


Rasklubben Hollandse Herdershond

Nordea Bank, 105 71 Stockholm

IBAN: SE19 9500 0099 6026 1909 5215



(Från Sverige: RHH postgiro 190 95 21 - 5)


Last day to pay is Friday, May 1, 2015.


Be sure to include who you are, and what it refers to !


If you have questions, please contact our treasurer Lars Brink